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When you want pavers installed, you need to hire a quality paver installer. Anyone can put pavers on the floor and make them level. Making sure you have the proper base materials, compaction, grade, and so forth takes more than just eyeballing it and going with your gut. Concrete pavers are beautiful when installed correctly. When you throw pavers on the floor, they might look good for a while but won't last. We offer quality paver installation that is made to last. At Integrity Landscape Designs our paver installers know what they are doing and we only use the best quality products available. 


Integrity Landscape Designs uses only the highest quality pavers for your outdoor living space. Installation goes beyond putting pavers down. Most of the work we do for paver installation won't be seen day to day. That work is the most important to make sure that your paver patio, paver driveway or paver walkway last for years to come.
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If you have had concrete pavers installed but they are starting to look a bit old and dirty you might want to consider having them cleaned. Pavers are very porous so they can get stained and marked very easily. Getting paver cleaning will increase the life span of your paver patio, walkway or driveway. If you clean your floors you should clean your pavers. 
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Whether you have new pavers installed or old existing pavers that have just been cleaned, paver sealing should be next. When you get paver sealing you're helping prevent future staining on your pavers. In addition to the protection, sealing pavers will help maintain the color of your new paver installation or bring back the color of old pavers.
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At Integrity Landscape Designs, building the outdoor living space of your dreams is our top priority! 
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What Your Neighbors Are Saying

Careign Hunt

Goodyear, Arizona

I am so pleased with the work that this company has done. My backyard came out so beautiful the same designs that I had given was well installed. The crew wasted no time at all & were so professional with the job. I would highly recommend this company to any homeowner who is looking for great service & affordable pricing
Melinda Comunale

Peoria, Arizona

Integrity Landscape Designs was very professional and explained in detail the whole process and timing of the project. An amazing transformation! Demolition of a concrete slab, installation of pavers, artifical grass, and installation of a small fence around the A/C unit. Very pleased with the transformation. Thanks Integrity Landscape Designs!
Anthony Stearns

Avondale, Arizona

The Integrity Landscape Designs team was absolutely amazing! They helped us to design the backyard of our dreams with some very cool software. They were able to clearly build our vision while adding their own expertise. The crew performed a fantastic job installing the pavers & turf. To top it off, everyone was very polite & professional.
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However you have found us, the first step will be to have a consultation at your home. We will come over to take measurements & photos of the area you want to transform. We will talk with you about your ideas (if you don't have any, we will just ask you some questions to help us understand you better) and that's it! The first appointment is very easy going and at the end of it, we set your second appointment.
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Design & Estimate

The point of our second appointment is to go over the design and estimate with you and answer any questions you have about the work you want to get done. During this appointment, if you want to make changes we can do it right there in front of you so you can have answers right away. 
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Once you sign the agreement with the design and estimate, and pay the deposit, we will get started! We will order the materials to be delivered, and schedule for your installation to take place. This is the last step until you get to enjoy your outdoor living space.
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