Who is  Integrity Landscape Design?

Integrity Landscape Designs LLC is a company focused on ensuring the homeowner is taken care of. We take care of our existing customers first and then the rest.

Our Culture

You have to see your outdoor living space every day. We see it only for a short time. We make sure that you are happy with the design and elements before continuing. We will do whatever we can to ensure that you are getting what you want. You will see it the most so your opinion is what matters most. We will treat it like it is our backyard for a few days so that you can enjoy your backyard for years.

Make Great Things

Always Learn

Deliver Results

Have Fun

Our Story

May 2017
The beginning of our landscape design journey begins. Adam started working for AGL, a artificial grass and landscape company in Temecula, CA. A few months later Alex joined the team at AGL as a designer. There we learned how to put together designs based on the imagination and dreams of the home owners we encountred.
September 2018
From the sands of California to the sands of Arizona we packed up our famlies and started a new journey. Never havign lived outside of California we knew that we were excited to see what Arizona had to offer. So far... we have enjoyed it very much.
December 2021
After having worked for a local landscape design company we decided to leave. We did not agree with the process and outlook that our current employer had towards his business and towards his customers. We felt the business was lacking something...
January 2022
Integrity. That is the word that came to mind when we decided how we would set our business apart from others. We wanted to take out combined 10 years , since our journey began, to create a company that would have integrity in every aspect of the business. We got started and we are ready to show you the support and dedication you deserve!